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The HCC Teen Health Checklist

Many are rightfully worried about their health and safety during this unprecedented school year. Whether you attend school online or in-person, our 2 Teen Health Centers are there, in-person and through Telehealth, to continue their essential health services.

We work closely with local school districts to ensure access to low-cost healthcare is never too far away. While we still have a few days left of summer vacation, take a look at our teen health checklist.

Too often, people ignore that pain in their molar hoping it will go away. It rarely does. Health experts recommend professional cleaning at least once a year for proper tooth and gum health. Medicaid covers dental services for all children, and we work with you to ensure dental services are affordable and safe.

Behavioral Health
We offer 16 different mental health sites with both in-person and Telehealth appointments to support children, teens, and young adults. Working alongside Muskegon school districts, we are here to support any child or young adult with both counseling and medication needed to support a healthy lifestyle.

Physical Health
Regular physicals, sports physicals and immunizations are important parts of growing up. Many of our providers coordinate directly with your primary care provider (or we can become your primary care provider) to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to your care. We provide health screenings and health education to those between the ages of 5-21 to give your child a healthy start on life.

Schedule an Appointment
To schedule an appointment at one of our Teen Health Clinics, please call the Muskegon Teen Health Center at 231-733-6680 or Oakridge Teen Health Center at 231-733-6830. You can also learn more about our school-based health programs and locations here.

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