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The story begins with a vision and passion to provide prenatal services to low income women who did not have access to care.

Committed to a Healthy Community

Since 1992, Hackley Community Care has been a cornerstone of family care in our community, offering comprehensive health services in one convenient location—a true one-stop shop for all your healthcare needs. Our mission from the start has been to bring essential care and education to those who need it most. While we can’t name all our community partners, they are integral to our story.

Driven by individuals with vision, commitment, dedication, and leadership, we’ve achieved great things. The impact is immeasurable when a group shares a vision and works together. The success of Hackley Community Care is attributed to our compassionate staff, committed Board of Directors, and the incredible Muskegon Community. We express our gratitude for your support and eagerly anticipate many more decades of exceptional service. Thank you for being part of our journey.


Opened Forest Avenue, offering OB & Women’s Health, Pediatric, and Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP) services.


Expanding its reach, HCC introduced School-Based Health Sites to Ravenna Public Schools, Whitehall School District, Three Oaks Public School Academy, and Muskegon Heights Public Academy. Simultaneously, HCC’s inaugural Mobile Medical unit was delivered, becoming operational for COVID testing and vaccine outreach. To expand services into the community, HCC acquired Clinton, formerly Mercy Hackley ER, and launched HCC NowCare in May.


HCC expanded its services by introducing school programs at Holton Elementary and Fruitport Middle School, incorporating psychiatry services into its offerings, delivering its inaugural Mobile Dental unit, and establishing a valuable partnership with Senior Resources through Community Health Workers (CHW).


In August 2019, HCC broadened its impact by expanding School-Based Health Programs to Edgewood Elementary, Bunker Elementary, Holton High School, and Orchard View Middle School. Additionally, in September, we secured an Oral Health Infrastructure grant to support the acquisition of a Mobile Dental unit and Pan X-Ray, further enhancing our dental services.


In October, Jail/JTC CHW Connectors were hired, marking a crucial step in enhancing community connections, followed by the implementation of HCC’s inaugural Substance Use MAT (Medication-Assisted Treatment) Program and a successful Operational Site Visit (OSV).


In celebration of its 25-Year Anniversary, HCC not only added Substance Use Disorder Services to its offerings but also extended Mental Health services to Oakridge Lower and Upper Elementary schools, initiated the Muskegon Prescribes for Health Program, and, with the assistance of Senator Hansen, successfully secured School Network HUB funding from the State of Michigan.


HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) Operational Site Visit, April 2016. HCC passed 19 out of 19 HRSA program requirements.


HCC Leahy Site received Level 3 NCQA (National Committee for Quality Assurance) Designation, in June.

Initiated $500,000 Capital Campaign Project to build Oakridge Teen Health Center, HCC’s second full child and adolescent Health Center site.


Expands School-Based Health Programs at Muskegon Covenant Academy, Marquette Elementary, Muskegon Heights Academy, and Nelson Elementary.

2006 - 2013

HCC’s ongoing commitment to progress and community well-being is evident in our expanding services. Initiatives such as the Komen Grant for breast cancer prevention, the NowCare program for prompt acute care visits, and the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren support program showcase our dedication. In 2011, HCC achieved Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) designation and ventured into Smoking Cessation classes, contributing to community health improvements. The integration of services like the Wise Woman Program, Teen Health Center, and Substance Abuse Services in partnership with Community Mental Health reflects our adaptability.

As healthcare evolves, so does HCC. In 2013, we established another location at the Hackley Professional Building, introduced Outreach and Enrollment workers for insurance assistance, and collaborated with Mercy Health and the Community Health Project in the Pathways to Better Health Program. Our commitment to dental care expanded with the support of the Gerber Foundation and Muskegon Community Foundation, enabling the addition of a dental operatory. At HCC, we remain at the forefront of healthcare trends, ensuring progressive and accessible services for our community.


Received State of Michigan grant to provide case management and health education at Steele, Bunker and Muskegon Heights Middle Schools.

2000 - 2004

Between 2000 and 2004, Hackley Community Care experienced significant growth and expansion in response to the increasing demand for services in Muskegon County. Notable developments during this period included the introduction of a diabetic case manager, participation in the Pharmaceutical Indigent Program, a state teen pregnancy grant to support at-risk teen mothers, and a $100,000 federal grant for a behavioral health program. Achievements also included JHACO Accreditation, the implementation of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), and the relocation of Hackley Hospital Pharmacy on-site.

HCC further demonstrated its commitment to community health through initiatives like the establishment of a referral department, a community-wide pain management committee, and the hosting of Give Kids a Smile Day with volunteer dentists. The expansion of dental clinic services to schools across Muskegon County, the initiation of the Centering Pregnancy program, and collaboration with the University of Michigan Dental School for clinical rotations showcased HCC’s dedication to providing accessible and innovative healthcare.

During this period, HCC successfully met federal requirements, formally disaffiliating from Hackley Hospital, and continued to be at the forefront of healthcare advancements in Michigan.


HCC was instrumental in bring the PRIDE Program to Muskegon in 1999. The PRIDE program is a peer to peer drug prevention and positive lifestyle development program through music, dance, and skits.

We entered into a partnership with Hackley Pharmacy to administer the 340(b) Drug Program. This pharmaceutical initiative provides medications at discounted rates, underscoring our dedication to accessible and cost-effective healthcare solutions.


Recognizing that overall health extends beyond medical care, HCC took a significant step in 1998 by establishing its own Dental Clinic, initially equipped with just four operatories and led by Dr. Bobby Russell as the dental director. Today, our state-of-the-art dental facility has expanded to feature 16 operatories, reflecting our commitment to comprehensive healthcare for the community.


HCC collaborated with the Muskegon County Health Department to offer vital services through the State Breast and Cervical Program. This initiative delivers essential diagnostic and clinical services, playing a crucial role in the prevention and treatment of breast and cervical cancer within our community.


Hackley Hospital and Hackley Pharmacy took a significant step by introducing Sliding Fee Scale discounts to benefit HCC patients. Further enhancing our commitment to affordable


HCC is governed by a community based Board of Directors that consists of voluntary non-compensated community members that donate their time and effort to ensure the HCC Mission and Values are followed. HCC formed its first Board of Directors in 1995. Some of those members included Lawrence Burt, Chris McGuigan and Cheryl Nebedum.

During this time, Child and Family Services was contracted to provide out-patient mental health services on site. The after- hours nurse triage was also established at this time.


HCC transitioned to its present address at 2700 Baker Street in Muskegon Heights and pursued a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) look-alike status. This marked a significant milestone, making HCC the founding medical clinic in Muskegon County (and statewide) to integrate an FIA/DHS eligibility worker on-site. This innovative approach ensures swift and accurate access to Medicaid benefits for both patients and staff, as well as resources for food, cash, and housing assistance.


HCC relocated to a building on the corner of Peck and Barney, marking the hiring of our first Nurse Practitioner. This initiated the development of a Certified Nurse Midwifery Program. In tandem with this effort, HCC introduced the Maternal and Infant Support Program—a home-based intervention initiative providing nursing, health, nutrition, and social work services to high-risk pregnant women and infants as a complementary service.


Hackley Hospital made community health a reality with the establishment of Hackley Community Care Center. Located in a renovated house on the hospital’s campus, the center converted four bedrooms into medical exam rooms. Dr. James Patterson served as the primary care physician, setting the standard for excellent care. Remarkably, a significant portion of the original staff remains employed at HCC, showcasing our enduring commitment to community health.