Patient Resources

As a patient of Hackley Community Care, there are referral programs and services available to you that include:


Interpretation services 

Available upon request (Interprete disponible si usted pide uno) if you are receiving care in any of our service departments, including Community Care Pharmacy.

Si esta en necesidad de nuestros servicios para el cuidado de la salud o tiene alguna duda acerca de alguno de nuestros servicios, porfavor envienos sus preguntas, preocupaciones o comentarios escribiendonos a nuestro correo electronico

Por favor asegurese de incluir su nombre, numero telefonico, el mejor horario para poder contactarle, su correo electronico y sus comentarios. Alguien le estara contactando lo antes posible.


Sliding Fee Scale

Hackley Community Care Center (HCCC) offers a Sliding Fee Scale program which allows patients to pay a reduced fee for most HCCC services. This program is based on your family size and income. It is not an insurance plan. To view and print the Sliding Fee Scale application, please click the link to the right. We need an identification and proof of your family income information as shown on the application. At the time of your visit, one of our enrollment specialists will be happy to help you complete the application and answer any questions you may have.

Please call 231-733-6614 with any questions.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (GRG)

1 in 12 children under 18 are growing up in grand-parent-headed households. Hackley Community Care’s Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Program offers: Support Services, Intergenerational Activities, Parenting Education, and Resource Assistance. The GRG Educational Support Group meets once a year (6-week series) and includes support as well as resource information about Legal issues, Constructive discipline, Financial issues, Community Resources, Coping with adult children. For more information about Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, please contact Callie Sierra at: 231-733-6654.. (Funding for this service is provided in part through the Older Americans Act, The Aging and Adult Services Agency, and Senior Resources of West Michigan).

Care Management Services

This may include referral to specialists and community resources, collaboration and/or coordination of care between other departments within HCC, evaluations and assessments. The goal is to ensure you, the patient achieve quality health outcomes.

Chronic Pain Self-Management (CPSMP) Workshops

This 6-week workshop has been developed for people who have a primary diagnosis of chronic pain. Chronic pain conditions that would be appropriate for the CPSMP might include: chronic neck, shoulder, back pain, etc., fibromyalgia, whiplash injuries, repetitive strain injury, chronic pelvic pain, post-surgical pain that lasts beyond 6 months, neuropathic pain (often caused by trauma), and post stroke or central pain.

Diabetes Self-Management (DSMP) Workshops

The Diabetes Self-Management Workshop was developed at Stanford University Patient Education Research Center. The program is designed so people with diabetes can share and problem-solve similar concerns and problems. Persons with diabetes must deal not only with their disease, but also with the impact this has on their lives and emotions. Participants come together for 6- weeks to learn the tools to lower their A1C as well as decrease their diabetes related symptoms.

Smoking Cessation

These classes are free and will help you to become a non-smoker. Learn what is in cigarette smoke, the 3-link chain of addiction, why you really smoke, your triggers and coping strategies.

Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening Program (BCCCP)

Women 40 years of age and older, may qualify to receive a free mammogram and cervical cancer screen. Please call Women’s Health Network at 616-632-7283 or 1-888-515-1300 Ext. 7283 to register.

Pathways to Better Health Community Health Workers

Community Health Workers (CHWs) are trained and deployed to assist Medicaid and/or Medicare adult beneficiaries who have two or more chronic conditions and have health and social service needs (such as primary care, housing, food, and transportation).

Spiritual Health Consultations

Free counseling sessions to those that have been given an emotional medical diagnosis or are dealing with any issues that might affect your health. HCC partners with Spiritual Care Consultants to address your “spiritual” health as part of our HCC Philosophy to address the whole person.

Outreach & Enrollment Specialist Services for Medicaid and Marketplace Insurance

If you are uninsured and need assistance with applying for health insurance on the Marketplace, please call an Outreach and Enrollment Specialist at 733-6795.

Patient Portal

HCC patients are able to access some of their health record information online at the Follow My Health (FMH) patient portal. Free access to your medical information is available from any computer, tablet or smartphone. You can sign up by clicking here OR You can sign up by clicking the Follow My Health (FMH) link at the top of the page.