Mental Health Services

The goal of our Behavioral Health (BH) staff is to help each patient enhance their physical and emotional health to improve their quality of life.

Our BH staff utilize a variety of tools and teaching methods to help people cope with everyday life, increase social skills, improve their emotional expressions and recognize when they need professional help.

Our Behavioral Health team provides:

  • Mental Health assessments and referrals
  • Depression screening
  • Community referral services
  • Ongoing therapy


Integrated health services are available to those persons who currently receive care with HealthWest (formerly Community Mental Health - CMH). Integrated services are a combination of mental health and primary health care services in one location. The IHC ensures total care of persons with multiple health care needs.

IHC offers primary health care services that include screenings, management of chronic health conditions, preventive care, case management and patient education.

A physician and a nurse chatting over results at an office desk

Our Behavioral Health Providers