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Randal Dame, Peer Recovery Coach, CHW, CADC-M

Randal Dame

Randal Dame CADC, CPRM, and CHW is a graduate of Baker College where he earned his Bachelors Degree in The Human Service Field. He has a Certification with McBap as a Certified Addictions Drug Counselor and Certified Peer Recovery Coach Mentor. He is also Certified with MDHHS as a Certified Peer Recovery Coach. He is Michwa-trained and is a certified Community Health Worker. CCARR trained.

His experience is he worked for over 10 years at West Michigan Therapy as a Certified Addiction Counselor. Worked with the court systems, sobriety court, and day report programs. He worked just under 7 years at Trinity Life Counseling as a Recovery Coach and Community Health Worker for the Trinity Health Project.

He has been a part of the Recovery Community for over 30 years of experience in living clean and is part of several community support groups. He looks forward to continuing to use his experience, strength, and hope to other individuals who may be suffering like he once did. He enjoys community and people and has the compassion to reach those suffering from addiction, mental health, and homelessness.

He loves and enjoys time with his family, going to sports events, vacations with family, listening and playing music, and being a part of the community in which he lives.