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Mental Health for Teens & Kids in Muskegon County

Children and teen mental health services are readily accessible. In an effort to minimize transportation and scheduling issues, Hackley Community Care has developed several elementary, middle school and high school mental health programs inside many Muskegon County schools which is where children spend a significant amount of time. School based mental health services specialize in mental health disorders such as ADHD testing, oppositional behavior, anxiety, depression, bullying, coping with grief or divorce and more. Students receive mental health therapy in their school, during school hours.

Online and Telehealth Therapy
HCC school-based counseling services are available through telehealth sessions in addition to in-person therapy. Telehealth sessions are conducted by telephone or through video via a personal cell phone, computer or tablet device. This addition was created to comply with COVID-19 restrictions and will continue beyond the pandemic as a way to reach students wherever they may be.

School Based Counseling
School based counseling services are available in all our school sites and can treat many types of behavioral or emotional issues. Students can be seen for a 30-minute session during a time that will least disrupt learning. With a parent’s consent, a student will work with a licensed therapist on emotional or behavioral issues, relationships, or other issues that need to be addressed. School based therapists incorporate coping techniques that engage students. One technique is Virtual Reality headsets. These can be used to practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing.

If a child is experiencing a difficult day in the classroom, they are welcome to have an appointment with the therapist without an appointment during school hours, so they can calm down or practice relaxation techniques as needed.

School Wellness Program
HCC School Based Wellness Programs are located at Muskegon Middle School and Marquette Elementary School. School wellness programs offer nursing and behavioral services. The school nurse can monitor a student’s physical health. Behavioral health therapist can provide therapy with a parent’s consent to treat mental health issues.

Teen Health Centers
Our Teen Health Centers at Muskegon High School and Oakridge Middle / High School offer medical, dental, and mental health services. Both Teen Health Centers consult a teen advisory board to help design the office space and ensure the program meets the needs of today’s kids. Counseling, medical and dental services require a parent’s consent. All services are located in the school and students can receive services while attending school. Minors ages 14 and up can receive mental health services without parental consent annually for 4 consecutive months or 12 visits according to Michigan State law.

Refer a Child for Services
Hackley Community Care School-Based programs take most insurances and offer a sliding-fee scale based on an individual’s income, expenses, and the number of people in the household. We also take Medicaid and Medicare as well as private insurance.

Schedule an Appointment
There are three ways to schedule an appointment:

  • You can refer your child to HCC services by calling our main line at 231.737.1335 or either Teen Health Center at: 733-6680 or 733-6830.
  • Teens can stop in at any of our school sites to request services. If a child requires parental consent to receive services, an electronic consent form can be sent to a parent/guardian’s email.
  • Select schools offer free Chromebooks for kids to use during school hours. Students can self-refer themselves to HCC services through these Chromebooks. Electronic Links are available on many school webpages and can be used to request an appointment by either students, parents or school staff.

Our hope is to make mental health accessible and affordable to all students in Muskegon County through continued collaborations with your child’s school.

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