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Low-Cost Mental Health Resources in Muskegon

On average, 35,789 individuals in Muskegon County experience a mental illness each year. Due to the pandemic, this number is thought to be even higher. In the struggle of maintaining food, housing, and a steady income many find it difficult to find affordable mental health that fits their schedule. To accommodate patient’s needs, Hackley Community Care has a variety of low-cost mental health resources to assist individuals with their mental health needs.

Expanding Vital Services
According to Bradley University, depression has been linked to a 50 percent increase in a person’s risk of dying from cancer and a 67 percent increase from heart disease. When our mental health starts to take a turn, it can become harder to physically maintain a healthy lifestyle or properly care for our loved ones.

To reach patients safely through the pandemic and beyond, all HCC counseling is available virtually through telehealth services. With a secure internet connection, all patients will be able to work with their therapist or counselor. This is a permanent feature in HCC mental health.

Services Provided
Counseling – Our therapists specialize in a wide variety of issues, from grief, depression, anxiety, behavior problems, trauma, relationship counseling, and much more. All Hackley Community Care therapists offer telehealth services, allowing patients to access care without a need for transportation. An in-person office visit with a therapist is available during the pandemic by appointment. A person can continue to meet safely, one on one at an HCC site to discuss their mental health concerns. Offices are sanitized after each therapy session to protect our patients.

Pregnancy Counseling – As part of our OB services, all pregnant mothers will receive two counseling sessions near the start and end of their pregnancy. These visits are designed to assist new mothers to process the physical and mental changes that come with pregnancy. Outside of mental health, we also assist new mothers in accessing resources needed to care for their baby. Therapists screen for needed items that a new mother would need and link pregnant mothers to agencies that can help with needed items like car seats.

Addiction – Hackley Community Care can assist people that are struggling with recovery. Addiction counseling and recovery coach services are available to help you through the recovery process.

How it Works
You do not have to be a Hackley Community Care patient in order to receive mental health counseling. To schedule an appointment, call our new patient line at 231.733.6750.

Hackley Community Care offers a sliding-fee scale based on an individual’s income, expenses and the number of people in the household. We also take Medicaid and Medicare as well as private insurance like BCBSM.

Schedule an Appointment
New Patients can schedule an appointment at 231.733.6750. Current HCC patients can request services at 231.737.1335. No matter what you are going through, we want to give you the tools to make life just a little bit better.

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