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Hackley Community Care Distributes Free Masks in Muskegon Heights

Muskegon, Mich. — Hackley Community Care (HCC) recently distributed free masks within the city of Muskegon Heights as part of the organization’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative. As a FQHC that serves low income families, it is important to HCC that we not only understand that health disparities exist within our minority communities, but that we takes steps to address the issues and be a part of the solution.

Masks were distributed at Columbia Court and Summit Square (former M.A. Houston Towers), which are housing complexes for the elderly and disabled persons; Chicken Coop, Family Dollar and Scott Meats. Masks were also given to persons who were walking or biking in these areas and near our facility at 2700 Baker Street. A staff member at one of the facilities stated: “our seniors are at serious risk and we are taking every effort to keep them in and safe. When they have an opportunity to go out, they do not understand why they should wear a mask. Others, who may not have family to check in on them may have to repeatedly wear the same mask for a long time. This donation will help minimize some of that.”

The masks were made available thanks to the generous volunteers that donated their time and skills to make masks for HCC. Masks were packaged with information on minimizing the spread of COVID-19, good hygiene practices, and stickered with directions on how to wear a mask as part of an education collaborative with other Muskegon County organizations.

“We found the majority of recipients were thankful to receive a mask. Some mentioned that they did not know where to get one, others stated they only have 1 mask and try to sanitize it on their own and reuse, some were wearing a medical grade mask, but you could visibly see they had been wearing them for a while.” While we used this time to educate individuals who were not wearing a mask about protecting themselves, family members and others around them, there continues to be a need for more mask distribution and education to residents as to why they should be wearing a mask.

Hackley Community Care (HCC) is a Federally Qualified Health Center that has been providing quality health care services since 1992. Hackley Community Care Center receives federal funding from the 330 grant for health care services. For Federal Fiscal Year 2020, the program received a grant of $2,140,071 in federal funds, which constitutes 9.7% of the program budget. Learn more at


Alexis Dye
Communications Mgr.

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