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A Healthy Pregnancy: Low-Cost OB Services in Muskegon

What do you want to get out of your birth? All mothers want a healthy baby, but creating a birth plan and developing prenatal care is just as important. Hackley Community Care OB Services provide personal care from pregnancy to postpartum, ensuring a healthy mind, body, and baby!

Dental & Mental Health Coverage
We understand the difficulties in scheduling and attending a healthcare appointment. To ease stress, our OB clinic, dentist office and behavioral health center are all located in the same building. Patients can come in for an OB appointment and receive a mental health screening or dental appointment the same day. Convenient services enable moms to meet their own needs, as well as their babies, through birth and beyond.

To help mothers through the changes that come with pregnancy, our mental health providers meet with patients each trimester during their OB appointments to discuss emotional wellbeing in addition to physical health. We want our patients to have a safe place to discuss their mental health at every stage of pregnancy.

Whether patients choose to breastfeed or bottle feed their baby, we have options for them. Our lactation consultant gives patients breastfeeding support in a private setting, while bottle feeding moms may try our formula sample room to see what works with their newborn. The fed baby is a healthy baby, and we want to ensure every child gets the nutrition they need.

Centering Pregnancy
The HCC Centering Pregnancy Program is a supportive prenatal class of 8-12 women in the same trimester of their pregnancy. It is designed by the Centering Healthcare Institute and integrates health and education through 10 sessions of life skills to take care of yourself and your child during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

Note that due to COVID-19, this program is on hold for the foreseeable future.

Your Birth Plan
Our hope is that each mother goes into their birth feeling prepared. No matter where they are in their pregnancy, Hackley Community Care sits down with each woman to create a birth plan that ensures comfort and health during delivery. An involved, prepared agreement assures patients feel safe regardless of their due date.

Expectant mothers can schedule an appointment at 231.733.6678. To schedule an appointment for your newborn, call 231.737.1335. 

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