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School Based Summer Hours

Independence Day-School Closings: 

Closed July 3 – July 7: Whitehall | Holton Elementary | Holton Middle School | Holton High School | Orchard View Middle School | Muskegon Middle School*

Closed July 3 & 4: Oakridge Lower Elementary 

Closed July 3, 4, & 7Edgewood Elementary 

Closed July 4 & 7: Muskegon Teen Health Center | Muskegon Heights Academy 

Closed July 4, 6, & 7: Oakridge Teen Health Center 

*Muskegon Middle School is available for virtual appointments on July 3, 5, and 6. Call 231-733-6868 for an appointment. 

Hackley Community Care School Based Health Programs Summer 2023

Muskegon Teen Health Center
Medical, Dental, & Mental Health Services

Summer Hours: June 16 - July 28

Oakridge Teen Health Center
Medical, Dental, & Mental Health Services

Summer Hours:

Please contact one of our Teen health Centers to schedule an appointment today! 

Serving Ages 5-21

All school districts are welcome, services included but not limited to: 

Taking new mental health referrals at our School Based sites. 
Please call to make an appointment at a location convenient for you! 

Medicaid enrollment and Sliding Fee Scale assistance available. 

Bunker Elementary School*
Grades: K-5

Edgewood Elementary School
Grades: K-5

Fruitport Middle School
Grades: 6-12

Holton Elementary School
Grades: K-5

Holton High School
Grades: 6-12

Marquette Elementary School*
Grades: K-5

Muskegon Middle School*
Grades: K-12

Muskegon Heights Academy
Grades: K-12

Oakview Elementary School*
Grades: K-5

Oakridge Lower Elementary School
Grades: K-3

Oakridge Upper Elementary School (Virtual Only)
Grades: 4-6

Orchard View Middle School
Grades: 6-8

Ravenna Middle School
Grades: 5-12

Whitehall Middle School
Grades: 3-12

*Bunker, Marquette, Oakview, & High School Students will be seen at Muskegon Middle School due to construction. 

Hours vary by site* 

Due to summer construction and unscheduled building closures, site hours can vary. Please call before making unscheduled visits to ensure we are open. 

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and would like to speak to a person on the state mental health hotline, please call or text 988

You can also chat with someone at 988LIFELINE.ORG. 

This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.