Integrity. Respect. Compassion. Quality.

Javier Martinez, Board Member

Javier has been a member of the Hackley Community Care (HCC) board for a number of years. He sees his role as the community advocate who works in the community and sees a significant number of people across various economic, ages, gender, racial and cultural backgrounds. He knows his community well as a retired police officer with over 32 years of experience in Illinois, Grand Rapids and Norton Shores.

Javier joined the board of HCC to be of service and contribute to the well-being of his community. “Participating as a board member of HCC, gives me an opportunity to understand one of the main issues (health care) affecting us as a people and community. I get to contribute by promoting and helping to sustain a successful example of a medical facility that others have struggled to build”. Javier does not consider himself just a board member. “I believe in actively educating myself of my board duties and strive to stay in tune with the specifics of HCC, its unique individuals and understand the path we wish to travel as an organization. I want to produce and promote a progressive result”.

A native of the South Side of Chicago, IL where he was born and raised, Javier’s parents emigrated to the U.S. from Mexico. He has four siblings. Married to his loving wife June, they have five sons and one daughter. Javier also served in the United States Navy as a Corpsman in California and Southeast Asia. An avid learner and reader of all things educational, in his spare time, Javier enjoys woodworking / carving, cooking, gardening, biking, Aikido and has a love of antique cars.