Integrity. Respect. Compassion. Quality.

What a milestone!

As we look back at all that we have accomplished, we are proud to have made a significant impact on our communities.

“I remember a time when individuals on Medicaid were not being served by primary care physicians. The growth of Hackley Community Care (HCC) and their commitment to serving a diverse population of patients has had a very positive impact on those patients who can get preventive and well care, not just care at a time of crisis. Everything they do is on a foundation of quality. I would expect that they will continue to take care of some of the sickest and neediest in our community and do it with respect, compassion and energy.”

There is nothing more important than your health; mind, body, and spirit.

“Hackley Community Care (HCC) as a clinic has served thousands of low income families over the last 25 years, improving access to care for our community. The obvious impact is that people have access to quality health and dental care. The quality staff at HCC has meant that people are more likely to seek preventative care and work on their health outcomes. This is helping build healthier families and community. It is also helping reduce the high cost of emergent care in our community. What surprises me most? The can-do attitude and the follow through to bring the clinic out of the office and into the schools in order to make access and services a part of everyday life for our youth and families.”

Our goal is to continue this path to wellness through innovation and service that will ultimately help people live their best life.

“The mission of HCC helps keep us focused on serving our patients with respect and compassion. The spiritual connection of the organization is evident in having morning prayer each day, which supports my faith and beliefs, and allows me to provide compassionate care to my patients every day.”

“HCC has made a huge difference in healthcare access over the past 25 years. Their approach to advocacy and collaboration to help improve our community is impressive. HCC is a super organization with great leadership!”

“The last 25 years have been both challenging and incredibly rewarding in our mission to improve the health of our community. Health care in general, and serving the underserved specifically, has multiple challenges. One challenge is how to provide medical, dental, mental health services AND address the issues of poverty, homelessness, substance use, and violence. The key to our success is our commitment to our core values – compassion, respect, integrity and quality. We are also blessed to be part of a larger caring Muskegon community, who through collaborative work, seek to support Muskegon as the best place to live, work and play. Through these collaborations we have been able to have medical, dental and mental health services in three school districts, start a clinic in HealthWest, as well as try innovative programs such as Prescriptions for Health. At the heart of these successes lies the staff and Board of Directors – who make a difference in the lives of our community each and every day. So, it is with a BIG thank you, and a generous spirit, that together we will continue to be here for our community.”

You can view the entire history of HCC from its beginning by clicking here.