School Network Hub

The School Network Hub is a model of care for underserved children and youth that increases coordination of health and behavioral healthcare services. The Network Hub and satellite sites serve as a natural anchor for kids, residents, neighborhoods, schools, and focus on improving the health of our community.

Hackley Community Care’s Teen Health Center (THC) located at Muskegon High School serves as the HUB providing full clinical services that include Behavioral Health, Dental and Medical services. The THC has oversight of four satellite schools that include Muskegon Heights Public Academy, Nelson Elementary School, Muskegon Covenant Academy and Marquette Elementary School. The HUB is designed to increase access to medical homes for underserved children and adolescents where they spend a majority of their time, in school.

Each of the satellite schools have Behavioral Health services that provide individual and family counseling, screenings, prevention, as well as early intervention services such as activities focused on bullying and suicide prevention. The Muskegon Heights Academy and Marquette Elementary also have a Registered Nurse. Services at these two schools will be similar to the service model of the School Wellness Program currently operating at Muskegon Middle School.

The School Network Hub services also coordinate with existing and new after- school programs such as Pathfinders in Muskegon Heights, the Boys and Girls Club at Nelson Elementary, and the Pathways to Potential (P2P) with DHS.

The Community Advisory team is made up of representatives from Hackley Community Care, Public Health Muskegon County, Department of Human Services / P2P (Pathways to Potential), Mercy Community Health Project, Muskegon County Family Court, Muskegon Public Schools and Muskegon Covenant Academy. The Advisory team is also represented by parents from each of the network hub schools.