Mary Luckett, PA-C

It saddens our hearts to share with you that Mary Luckett, PA-C, unexpectedly passed away in her sleep recently.   This is shocking and extremely heart-breaking news for all of us.

Mary has worked for Hackley Community Care for 15 years, and over those years, has developed wonderful relationships with her patients and co-workers.

We want you to know that Hackley Community Care will remain your Patient Centered Medical Home. Our committed Providers will continue to offer quality healthcare services to you and your family.

Please contact our office at 231-733-6841 and ask to speak to a phone nurse regarding any questions you may have or to receive information about your new medical provider.

While we will miss Mary dearly, at the same time, we are thankful that she chose to be a part of our lives and our mission at Hackley Community Care.