Jackie Hallberg, LMSW

Jackie Hallberg, LMSW, is a Licensed Master’s Social Worker and certified mediator in the State of Michigan. She holds a Bachelor’s of Applied Arts Degree from Central Michigan University and Masters of Social Work degree from Grand Valley State University.

With over 13 years of experience working in the area of Restorative Justice, Peacemaking Circles and Victim Offender Mediation, focusing on juvenile and adult offenders and victims of crime; Jackie has worked alongside court, police, school, community and prison officials to ensure accountability and repair of harm after a crime or behavioral infraction has occurred. She has designed and facilitated Victim Impact Panels in the areas of Substance Abuse, Drunk Driving, Curfew Violation and Shoplifting Prevention. She is also Youth Mental Health First Aid Trainer, focused on suicide prevention.

Jackie is also the owner of Lakeshore Life Coaching which focuses in the areas of parenting, relationships and personal growth to assist individuals and families overcome their struggles and barriers to a happier, healthier life. Her passion is unlocking the awesomeness of our world, one person at a time.