Chris Ann McGuigan

Chris serves as Secretary of the Hackley Community Care Board. “When I was first asked to join the board, I joined to help with the legal work of the organization. However, I have remained on the board because I enjoy the other directors and the staff. I have the opportunity to stay connected to parts of the community and its issues that I would not otherwise. I am proud to be associated with Hackley Community Care because it has a culture of learning, growing and caring”. She does not admit to many hobbies, but Chris is never bored and seldom sits still. Her community involvement is expansive and her name is well known and respected in our community.

Chris grew up South Bend, IN and has two siblings. She has much love, admiration and respect for her family. She and her spouse Gary have been married for 28 years. Chris admits being very proud of him as a successful attorney and an involved father that coaches High School Cross Country. They have three daughters: Catherine who is a Michigan State University graduate and current Director of Day Groups at Camp Pendalouan, Alex Lea, a junior at Arizona State in Temple, AZ and Lindsay, a sophomore at Oberlin College in Ohio.